Sometimes when I look up at the sky

I see a lonely white cloud floating by

I don’t know why it does,

But it reminds me of you.

And I ask myself why do people have to die.

I still can’t believe you are gone

That I shall never see you again

I shall never hear your laughter ring out

Only mute memories of your shout.

Never see those twinkling eyes

Giving way to that mischievous smile

Shy, sparkling, naughty

I guess that was your own style.

Sometimes when I am hurt

When I am sitting all alone

When I need the strength to fight back

I talk to you and I reach out.

I don’t know whether you hear me

Or feel my fingers touching you

But I want to think you do. You are always with me.

Sometimes when I look up at the sky in the night

All those golden stars twinkling bright.

And then I understand why

People like you can never die.

You are unforgettable.

You are immortal.

You are the angels of the power in us.

You are the power.


Ansh Das

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