Ansh Das Media Ltd (aka AD Media) was set up in 2012, in Hong Kong, to work on books, films, events, and campaigns. Contact us at ansh @

Signal 8 Press is an independent publishing house owned and operated by AD Media. We publish books, we distribute e-books in partnership with authors and other publishers, and we offer a publishing/editing consultancy service. It was formally set up as Typhoon Media Ltd. in 2010, in Hong Kong.

Rekindle provides healing services towards a world full of love, compassion, and light. Currently, we offer healing through the Akashic Records, Hypnotherapy, Animal Communication, and Qi Gong.

Ansh Das

AD is an author, a producer, a healer, and a motivational speaker. He works out of Hong Kong. AD uses the hashtags: #1000DaystoLove #ILoveMyLife

Current Roles:

  • CEO @ AD Media
  • Sponsor @ Queer Azadi Mumbai
  • Columnist @ Gaysi Family as the EvilGenius

Past Roles:

  • Executive Producer @ Mr Gay Hong Kong
  • Founder @ Pink Season
  • IT and Outreach @ Pink Alliance


  • The Prism of Life (2014)
  • 1000 Days to Love (2016)
  • Always Forever (2012)
  • The Memory of a Face (2011)


  • Evening Shadows (2017) as Co-Producer
  • Kaspar X – If I had a soul (2015) as Associate Producer
  • Love Stalk (2015) as Associate Producer
  • It’s Already Tomorrow (2015) in Hong Kong, Publicist
  • The Pantry (2013) as Executive Producer
  • I am Me (2013) as Sponsor

Speaking Engagements

AD is invited to speak at different schools, colleges, corporations and clubs on various topics. Some of them are:

  • Spirituality
  • Writing
  • Cultural Dynamics
  • LGBT Issues at the Workplace
  • LGBT Employee Networks
  • Anti-homophobic Bullying

The KPSK School Project

Although I call it mine, I don’t really own the school. It is not my property. The children are not mine. But I want to help give them a better chance in life. I want them to study well and get scholarships from the government (like some of them have done in the past). I want them to learn how to love and help each other.