The Memory of a Face

A novel about loving and letting go


Note: This book is available in English and Chinese.

Synopsis 本書簡介

What is love? Is it the craving to be with him or is it the realization that you should let him go? Is it about telling him how he makes you feel or is it about suffering in silence? Is love a compromise? Can it be faked? Can love change over time? Can it last? Can it be forgotten? Diano lives in the past, hanging on to the memories of his lost love. Oliver is struggling to keep his turbulent relationship going. Andy has never loved anybody except his longtime boyfriend. Summer is waiting for her Prince Charming. Cute is looking for a boyfriend to support his education. Sky is not brave enough to stand up for his love. Thus begins their story. Set in Hong Kong and China, where the ultra-modern live in a traditional society and struggle to find love, the story shall resonate with anyone who has loved, lost somebody or had to let go.

Diano活在過去,沉溺在舊戀情的回憶中。Oliver努力保住一段波濤洶湧的關係。Andy 誰也沒愛過,除了他的多年男友。Summer正在等她的白馬王子。Q仔忙找男友供書教學。阿天沒勇氣捍衛自己的愛情。他們的故事,就這樣開始了。



Imprint: Signal 8 Press
Publication date: February 08, 2011 (English) / September 20, 2014 (Chinese)
Print edition: N/A
Page count: N/A
ISBN: 978-988-12197-4-9 (English) / 978-988-12197-8-7 (Chinese)
Price (paper): N/A
E-book formats: ePub, Kindle
Word count: 93,120 (English) / 113,900 (Chinese)
Price (e-book): US$2.99

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Proceeds from the sale of this book go towards Tongzhi Tsai, the campaign against homophobic bullying in Hong Kong schools.

Author Bio

Ansh Das (better known as AD) is an IT nerd in the morning, an author by noon, an activist in the evening, and a healer by night. That sequence may change a few times in any direction during the course of the day. He is from India and lives in Hong Kong. For more info, click here.

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