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The Pantry

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The Pantry – The Making of

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On 12 February 2013, the third day of the Chinese New Year, we, the Pantry team, had our wrap dinner. The film had already received over 5000 views on YouTube and that was an occasion to cheer.

The Pantry has a history. On 7 November 2012, Hong Kong lawmakers rejected a motion calling for a public consultation on equal rights for Hong Kong’s LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) citizens against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

Although a majority of geographical constituency (GC) members voted in favour (21 for and 8 against with 4 abstentions), the motion was defeated as it failed to gain the support of the functional constituency (FC) legislators (10 for and 17 against with 8 abstentions).

Under Hong Kong’s legislative system, 35 GC legislators and five FC members are elected by the people while the rest of the 30 FC legislators are returned by members who belong to certain business, professional and other interest groups. For a motion to pass, both constituencies need to have over 50% of support. Traditionally, the President does not vote although it is not a constitutional requirement. –

This was a very disappointing move by the legislators (that voted against/abstained), especially since they draw salaries from the coffers towards which LGBT citizens contribute through taxes of various kinds. On top of that, recent public survey results were heavily in favour of an anti-discrimination law, which meant the legislators went against general public opinion. They quoted the Bible, talked about reverse discrimination and even said the timing wasn’t right. This came from a government that claimed to always listen to the public (and yet denied a public consultation). Apparently, the time is never right for anything related to LGBT in this city. While the rest of the first world races away to recognize LGBT equality rights, the government in Hong Kong, Asia’s world city, is determined to drag its citizens back into caves.

We don’t have the money to lobby for equal rights. But we would be lying if we said we don’t have the will to fight against discrimination. We are creative. We are talented. We are determined. We are not here to tell you what to do; we are here to show you why we need protection. We are here to show you what problems we face every single day of our lives. We are doing this because we believe in love and peace. We want to build a bridge between LGBT and non-LGBT citizens so there is awareness, understanding, love and compassion. The Pantry is the first in a series of films that aim to achieve just that. It focuses on workplace discrimination.

The Pantry took 30 days from conception to production. Although we discussed several approaches, we decided to go for the slightly choppy trailer format. It was within our budget and left us with the option to shoot a feature length if we manage to get sponsors in the future. We made a list of real-life stories, drawn from the lives of people we knew. It was quite a challenge to pick the ones we wanted to show; all of them were touching. Over Christmas and New Year holidays, we worked over the script, got in touch with the actors and the crew. We had set the target release date as 15 January 2013, one day before the Chief Executive’s policy address. This meant we had to shoot no later than 05 January 2013, Saturday, when everybody was available. That also allowed us ten days for editing, music, dubbing and packaging.

None of our preferred locations were free on that day. So we went around scouting for office space in Central and booked one that had a good pantry. A pantry is that part of the office where everybody takes a break, where they can drink coffee/tea and make harmless conversation. It is also a place where people discriminate and discuss discrimination.

There were people from different sexual orientations on the Pantry team. Each one of us brought our unique input/talent towards making the film. We discussed ideas, handling, issues and points of view that opened us up to each other and united us into a family—a family that eats together, cares about each other and stands by each other in good times and bad. Isn’t that how a society should be?

The Pantry team

The Pantry – The Team

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We take immense pride in introducing the team that helped make The Pantry a reality. Almost everybody volunteered their time, talent and touch.

Billy Sy (施標信) as John

Billy SyBilly graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London with an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice specialized in Performing.  Before going to drama school, Billy received a BA (Hon.) in Sociology from University of Nottingham, and was awarded a Distinction for the ACTL Diploma in Musical Theatre Performance by Trinity College. He also received extensive training at RADA and Moscow Arts Theatre School in Russia.
Billy has performed in a wide range of theatre projects – from Fridge to London West End productions; from classical to contemporary and experimental theatre. He has worked with many prestigious and innovative theatre companies in the UK such as The Old Vic, Royal Court Theatre, Yellow Earth Theatre, StoneCrabs Theatre, Experience Vocal Dance Company (London/ New York) etc, as well as being a bi-lingual voice-over artist (English and Cantonese), and assistant director and movement director for various stage productions.

In 2009, Billy returned to Hong Kong to develop his career.  His theatre credits in HK include: A Chorus Line by Theatre Space; The Passage Beyond with Actors’ Family (all runs in Hong Kong and abroad); Scrooge: The Musical (1st run, 2009) (English & Cantonese versions) and A Hollow Room with the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre; Animal Farm – The Musical with Theatre Noir (English & Cantonese versions); I Sell Love (1st & 3rd run) with Theatre Lab; cabaret at HK Fringe Club – One Night in Falsettoland in Concert and LISTEN, site-specific solo piece at a book store ‘A Solitude of reading’  produced by HK Dramatists etc.


Sharon Yau (邱瑞雯 ) as Anna


Sharon is a Year 3 student pursuing her MFA in Drama (Drama
and Theatre Education) at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.
Sharon is a drama educator, theatre director and translator. She has
taught drama/theatre in more than 30 high schools and primary schools
in Hong Kong and directed over 20 plays and musicals in various


Angie Palmer as June

Angie Palmer - city shootIt’s hard to describe Angie in a short paragraph with the various hats she wears. Besides being the brainchild of the unique and quirky ideas at GR8 Leisure Concept, she is known as the activist for veganism and LGBT community in Hong Kong with her blog From the U.S. to Hong Kong and her involvement in various LGBT events and films. Having been in the performing arts industry since she lived in the U.S., she continues to actively produce films and perform on camera and on stage in Hong Kong. Her latest production includes Love Stalk,which is being submitted to film festivals around the world, and also several theater plays with performances in February, March, and April. You could find more about her on


James Gannaban as Richard

JamesPopularly known as The Hyperactive Gay Boy™, James Gannaban is a celebrity blogger, getting more than 100,000 unique hits a month. He is an immensely gifted performer, a sought after emcee and he saves his best for the most glamorous show in town, the annual competition Mr. Gay Hong Kong, which he founded in 2009. James has also been instrumental in running several fundraisers from helping flood victims in the Philippines to protecting Hong Kong students against homophobic bullying. James also runs a column in the popular Dim Sum Magazine.


Anshuman Das (AD) – Executive Producer

Anshuman Das 006AD is an author, activist, healer and philanthropist. He is the chief dreamer at AD Media and the evil genius behind Mr. Gay Hong Kong. He helped Pink Alliance establish it’s web presence in 2010 and helped create Pink Season, Hong Kong’s LGBT festival in 2011.  He is a partner at Typhoon Media publishing house. He is a champion of workplace diversity. The Pantry is his baby.


Sophia Shek – Producer

Sophia_Shek_2012Scottish Born Chinese, Sophia Shek has experiences in the Film and TV industry spanning over a decade working in Europe, Asia and Australia. She graduated from Art School with a Design Degree in Animation then travelled to Hong Kong to her roots to fall passionately in love with producing. She’s been told she is a delight to work with and she produces with an awful lot of heart and passion, just like the way she lives her life. and


Lo Chau Pang, Prisken – Director

Prisken_Jan_2012Prisken is an 80’s kid and spent most of his childhood in Singapore before returning to HK in 2007.  He graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) majoring in Digital Media Design in 2004 and also served as a fire fighter in the army for 3 years.  However, around 18 years old, Prisken surrounded his life with Manga, the era of Hong Kong movies and the rise of Computer-Generated Imagery in films and fell passionately in love with the world of film making. He emailed over 300 film makers and production companies in Hong Kong; only 4 replied. But he made the move back to HK to pursue his dreams.  Among the 4 were Barbara Wong Producer/Director and Tin Kai Man Actor/Producer who saw the talent in Prisken Lo and hired him on various projects and productions.

He joined Tin Kai Man’s “Ideas Workshop” in 2009.  In 2011, he started working with Dr. Ho of “Project Second Spring” which is a non-profit organisation working with people and films documenting social community issues in Hong Kong.

Prisken continues to follow his dream of making quirky, thought-provoking and visually stunning films and he will continue to work with non-profit organisations that give back to the community of Hong Kong.

Gabriel Chan 陳家雋 – Music Composer

Gabriel_01Born in Hong Kong and raised in perpetual chaos elsewhere, Gabriel has worked on projects ranging from musicals, film scoring and pop song-writing.  Classically trained and modernly aware, his work is often stark and cinematic, his background in film a constant undertone.




More on the rest of the team soon!

The Pantry – Film Credits

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“The Pantry”
Executive Producer: Anshuman Das (AD)
Director: Prisken Lo
Producer: Sophia Shek
Director of Photography: Nathan Wong
Gaffer: Spade Hung
Music: Gabriel Chan
Make-up & Stylist: Fifi Yee
Soundman: Eric Lau
Writers:  Wong Wai and Sam Lit
Editor: Prisken Lo
Lighting Equipment: Color Tran Equipment Rental Company
Subtitles: John Lo

John: Billy Sy
Anna: Sharon Yau
June: Angie Palmer
Ray: Prisken Lo
Richard: James Gannaban  (Special Guest Star)
News Reporter: Connie Ho
Protest Supporters:    Ruby Lai
Barry, M.W. Lee
Yvonne Yip
Medeleine Mok
Vincent Chu

Special Thanks to
Mr Gay Hong Kong
Ideas Workshop
Project Second Spring
Don Chow
Helen Lo

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The Pantry – Press Release

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Short film calls on citizens to break their silence on LGBT discrimination
“The Pantry” highlights workplace discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees in Hong Kong.

The Pantry is based on true stories drawn from offices around Hong Kong. The film, which is the first in a series from AD Media, aims to raise awareness and hopes to inspire LGBT and LGBT-friendly citizens to break their silence and stand up for human rights.

Video link:

Hong Kong continues to drag behind competition because the government chooses to ignore recent survey results* and bows before religious extremists instead, thereby denying equality rights to the very people whose taxes it relies on and, on the broader picture, ignoring calls from the United Nations Human Rights Commission to clean up its record.

*Community Business – Almost 80% of the surveyed Hong Kong working population think that LGBT individuals face discrimination or negative treatment.
According to a University of Hong Kong survey that was commissioned by Cyd Ho, nearly 76 per cent of respondents agreed there was discrimination against LGBT people in Hong Kong. More than 60 per cent said there should be legislation in place to protect the rights of homosexuals.

For more details about the film or AD Media, please contact:
AD (English): 9046 2054
John (Chinese): 96577741





《The Pantry – 不再沉默》反映香港職場對香港男女同性戀、雙性戀及跨性別(LGBT)員工普遍歧視。短片由幾宗真實個案改編,乃AD Media一系列相關題材短片的頭炮,希望籍着短片引起市民關注,及啟發更多LGBT LGBT友善市民打破沉默,為人權站出來。





欲索取更多關於短片或製作單位 AD Media 資料,請聯絡:

AD (英語): 9046 2054
John (國粵語
): 96577741